Kinetics books to read

Nonlinear Hamiltonian mechanics applied to molecular dynamics : theory and computational methods for understanding molecular spectroscopy and chemical reactions

Modern trends in chemical reaction dynamics : experiment and theory


Atmospheric concentrations of some radicals

OH and HO2: Heard, D. E., and M. J. Pilling, Measurement of OH and HO2 in the troposphere, Chem. Rev. 103, 5163–5198, 2003.

BrO: 3 pptv(Atmos. Chem. Phys., 8, 2985–2997, 2008, +

CH3C(O)OCH3: 0.5ppbv rain forest mesocosm (Phytogenic Biosynthesis and Emission of Methyl Acetate)

Cl atom:

HCl: ambient [] ~ <= 1ppbv (

Conversion from ppb to ug/m3:
ug/m3 = ppb * molar mass (g/mol)/molar volume where molar volume (V) is given by ideal gas law, V=nRT/P

Pilling’s lecture